Our Product is Confidence

Taylor Metals is a Quick Turn, Innovative, Single-Point-Of-Contact, Precision Sheet Metal & CNC Machining Facility.

Our mission is to become the standard for phenomenal service and customer experience. At Taylor Metals, we use cutting-edge practices with efficient results while reducing cost without sacrificing quality or service. We are committed to offering you the best customer service and offer our customer-oriented approach to every project that comes our way. Taylor Metals sets itself apart from the rest of the industry by our value in our customers and the commitment we hold to providing top-notch service.

Our team has the skill to bring your project to life, whether it be for practical or aesthetic use. We understand the needs of our customers and work towards providing them with a service that meets their standards.

Our Philosophy

Sense of Urgency

We understand project deadlines and the necessity of getting a job done at a reasonable time. Our team values your time, and our company is designed to produce time-efficient, high-quality sheet metal.


At Taylor Metals, we value responsible and ethical service. We hold our business with integrity and only offer service that is a reflection of this. Whether it's a product, pricing, or service, we'll never produce anything that doesn't meet our highest standards.

Financially Responsible

It's our responsibility to ensure that you receive the best possible service without costing you more than your budget allows.

Team Work

Our team is more than just employees; we're a family. Each team member brings with them their own unique skills and experience that allow us to produce superior service in the industry.

Customer Service

We strive to offer you the best customer service in the industry. The customer experience is a vital aspect of our business that we work towards every day to enhance. From concept to completion, you'll receive excellent service and good company along the way.

Meet President of Taylor Metals Daniel Taylor

Taylor Metals was founded in 2011 by Daniel Taylor. He’s passionate about metalwork and the future of the industrial industry. Throughout his years, he’s worked with many different workers, clients, projects, and businesses, which allows him to understand the ins and outs of the metal industry. Because of his decade’s worth of knowledge, he’s created a cutting-edge business in metal fabrication, setting Taylor Metals apart from the rest. His company has over 150 years of experience throughout his talented team. He offers his services throughout Western Canada and across various states in North America. He has many areas of strength, but we specialize in high-mix volume parts, custom fabrication, HVAC sheet metal ductwork, and fitting manufacturing. Taylor’s strong work ethic and desire to provide quality service have propelled him toward success and have provided his business with a strong and steady foundation.


Taylor Metals is world class, full service, concept to completion Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining company. We build sheet metal parts, sheet metal chassis, sheet metal enclosers and covers, aluminum boxes, stainless steel panels, sheet metal brackets, sheet metal components and assemblies